IEH Connectors

The design of IEH’s hyperboloid contacts allows for less resistance, meaning that a higher load can be passed through the contact.

Other features include:
• VLIF (Very Low Insertion Force)
• Extraordinary Resistance to
Shock & Vibration
• Duty Cycle Exceeding 100,000
• Highest Reliability

When reliability is a must, space is at a premium, and high-current is required, you cannot find a better solution than hyperboloid contacts. Whether it’s semi-conductor testing, PGA’s, medical, military, commercial, or industrial use, has thousands of styles, including those compatible with Mil-Spec contacts, to meet your specific requirements. While providing improved current carrying capacity, low resistance, and more, the advanced—yet venerable—design of hyperboloid contacts introduces newfound reliability and build-design to a familiar product. The engineers at IEH are always hard at work developing new interfaces that adhere to the ever-changing electrical landscape and customer expectations. In fact, several of our contacts are built in accordance with and abide by Mil-C-39029 standards. For more information regarding
our available M39029 contacts, or any of our other products.