Fuzz Buttons® are high performance proprietary trademarked contact pins available ONLY

from Custom Interconnects and manufactured ONLY in the USA.

Fuzz Buttons® offer superior value to other contact technologies such as Pogo Pins, Spring

Probes, Hyberboloid contacts or even soldering.  This becomes especially evident when

requirements such as low signal distortion, high frequency, low insertion force, planarity,

shock/vibration resistance, weight and/or extended life come into play.

Fuzz Button® Interposers / Connectors

  • Best in Signal Integrity
  • Impedance Matching
  • Long Life
  • High GHz Frequency
  • High Current Capable
  • High Compliance
  • Harsh Environmentals
  • Lightweight
  • Low Profile/Low-z axis

Available Product Designs

  • PCB to PCB Interposer
  • Device to PCB Interposer
  • Production Socket
  • Mezzanine Connector
  • Pitch Adapter Interposer